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Meet Google Drive – One place for all your files

Google Drive is a free way to keep your files backed up and easy to reach from any phone, tablet, or computer. Start with 15GB of Google storage – free.

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Google Fi, formerly Project Fi, is an MVNO telecommunications service by Google that provides telephone calls, SMS, and mobile broadband using cellular networks and Wi-Fi. Google Fi uses networks operated by Sprint, T-Mobile, and U.S. Cellular. The service was launched for the Nexus 6, by invitation only, on April 22, 2015. The service was opened to the public on March 7, 2016, and support for additional devices, including the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones, was introduced on October 4, 2016. On November 28, 2018, Google rebranded Project Fi as Google Fi and added support for more phones, including iPhones.Google Fi automatically switches between networks depending on signal strength and speed. It can automatically connect to Wi-Fi hotspots with encryption through an automatic VPN. Phone calls transition between Wi-Fi and cellular networks. With all networks combined, the service covers more than 170 countries around the world. A subscription costs $20 per month for unlimited calls and messaging, plus a customizable data allowance costing an additional $10 per gigabyte. Money for unused data is credited back to the user's account, and overuse of data costs an additional $10 per gigabyte. Google Fi currently offers a plan for current clients to share their own personal coupon code. Each referral code is worth $20 to the current client, and $20 for each new client signing up. WX6FA1 is an example of a $20 referral code. A group plan costs an additional $15 per user per month, and offers features including data overview, data notifications, monthly allowances, and the ability to pause users' data usage. A data-only SIM card can be used on supported tablets, smartphones, and car modems (e.g., Volvo). A Data-only sim will have access to data, but will not be able to make calls or transmit texts across cellular networks Google Fi now offers an 'Unlimited' Plan for its users for a flat rate of $70 per month with up to 15GB of high speed data. After 15GB, speeds are throttled to 256KB/s. On both plans, users can pay an additional $10 per 1GB until their next billing cycle.

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Meet Google Drive – One place for all your files - Free Content Promotion