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Abraj Kudai is a hotel currently under construction in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. It was projected to open in 2017, but a financial hiccup in 2015 halted construction and pushed out its completion to 2019 or 2020. When completed, it will be the largest hotel in the world, consisting of a ring of 12 towers 45 stories high, with 10,000 bedrooms, 70 restaurants, and four rooftop helipads. There will also be five floors for the sole use of the Saudi royal family. According to Arabian Business, 10 of the towers will provide four-star accommodations, while the other two towers will be reserved for special clientele offering five-star amenities.The estimated project cost is US$3.5 billion, and will cover approximately 1.4 million square metres. The London-based firm Areen Hospitality has been contracted to design the hotel and the rooms interiors.

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